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30/11 : D. Morgan – Cells under pressure 🗓 🗺

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From direct mechano-sensing to indirect consequences of compressive stress



Cells act upon the elastic extracellular matrix and against steric constraints when growing in a spatially limited environment. At the multicellular level, confined cell proliferation results in the emergence of a compressive, growth-induced, mechanical stress. Compressive stresses are ubiquitous to any cell population developing in confinement, such as most solid tumours or microbes. In this talk, I will present microfluidic devices that enabled recent discoveries on the impact of compressive mechanical stresses, alongside novel genetically encoded nanoprobes to investigate cytoplasmic fluidity.

I will discuss mechanosensitive pathways recently unravelled in the budding yeast S. cerevisiae that are essential for cell survival, as well as how modification of cellular biophysical properties can indirectly affect cell physiology.





A propos de l’intervenant:


DD.morgan. Morgan est chercheur au sein du LAAS (CNRS).


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