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eams rely on three technological platforms whose potential is enhanced by their work. The ITAV platforms complement those of other Toulouse laboratories and of the GenoToul network. The facilities are available for use by partners in both the public and private sector in accordance with pricing conditions.


The originality of these technical facilities is to offer tools enabling 3-dimensional imaging from a molecular scale to that of small animals. These microscopes can be used collaboratively or as a fee-paying service.

The different available technologies make it possible to cover a wide range of applications to answer research needs of different scientific fields working with a great variety of biological models. The imaging platform enjoys a wide range of optical microscopes:

  • A two-photon microscope equipped with straight and inverted stands.
  • A wide field microscope, videomicroscope, macrofluorescent microscope…
  • A SPIM (selective plane illumination microscope) for live imaging
  • A MacroSPIM (work as a SPIM but with bigger samples)

The platform monitors technological and methodological developments in instrumentation and signal processing. Close collaboration with biologists, physicians, computer scientists and mathematicians specialized in optics and image analysis, as well as with industrial partners, allows us to drive this development and to thus benefit from the latest technological advances in 3-dimensional imaging.


These technical facilities include equipment to explore the topology of living objects with nanometric resolution.

Two AFMs (atomic force microscopes) under liquid media coupled with fluorescence microscopy make it possible to probe living physical properties (mechanical, chemical, receptor-ligand interactions…) and to manipulate living objects on a sub-micronic scale.


These technologies also make it possible to correlate data from single-molecule force spectroscopy with collective data obtained by methods such as SPR (surface plasmon resonance) and QCM (quartz microbalance). Also available are the unique multiplex SPR-i (surface plasmon resonance imaging) system, capable of measuring nearly 1,000 spots in parallel, and a QCM system making it possible to collect information on the energy of biomolecular aggregates. Finally, this platform offers access to soft lithography techniques, enabling localized functionalization of surfaces commonly used in life sciences.

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These technical facilities offer the services of automated parallel chemical synthesis: new modes of generating molecular diversity.

  • Design and synthesis of molecules for therapeutic use in relation to post-genomic data (rational drug design) in the field of cancer, neuro-degenerative, infectious and parasitic diseases.
  • Automating reactions: selecting key reactions in generating molecular diversity (classic syntheses, microwave syntheses…) and researching processes making it possible to automate them.

It also offers UPLC-QT high-resolution analytical tools to separate, structurally study and quantify small molecules in weak concentrations in complex biological extracts.

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