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Exploring new methods for cell death detection

There exist many methods to detect and quantify cell death. Most are based on the recognition of biochemical alterations of the cell or of the nucleus, activation of transduction signals or simply by the examination of the cell structure. However, these methods are expensive, time consuming, more or less sensitive and are often not suitable for very small quantities of biological material.

Our project aims to develop cost effective, fast, efficient and highly sensitive methods for detecting cell death.




Propose a new commercial method for the detection of cell death

Chefs d'équipe

C.Touriol, E.Lacazette & H.Laurell

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Selection de références
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Membres de l'équipe
  • Amandine Baillet (IR)
  • Eric Lacazette (MCU –University Paul Sabatier)
  • Henrik Laurell (CR – INSERM)
  • Christian Touriol (CR – INSERM)
  • Toulouse Tech Transfer
  • IUCT Oncopole

Nos soutiens

  • Université de ToulouseUniversité de Toulouse
  • Toulouse Tech TransferToulouse Tech Transfer


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