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Problèmes inverses pour l’imagerie biologique

The PRIMO team aims at developing new mathematical models and methods addressing the challenges raised by biological imaging. It is particularly interested:


– In the improvement of imaging techniques such as the SPIM microscope or MRI.

– In the automatized analysis and interpretation of images.

– In the mathematical modeling of biophysical phenomena



We expect that this work will improve imaging systems (SPIM, MRI…) in various ways (e.g. decrease acquisition times, increase resolutions and contrasts…). We also aim at helping biologists formulate and answer new biological questions by providing automatized image analysis algorithms and mathematical models describing biophysical phenomena such as tumor growth.


Chef d'équipe

Pierre Weiss

Laboratoire partenaire


Autres informations

Selection de références
  • Compressed sensing with structured sparsity and structured acquisition. – C. Boyer, J. Bigot, P. Weiss, accepted for publication in Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis (2017).
  • A projection method on measures sets. – N. Chauffert, P. Ciuciu, J. Kahn, P. Weiss, Constructive Approximation, 83-111 (2017).
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Membres de l'équipe
  • Pierre Weiss (CR),
  • Frédéric de GOURNAY (MCF),
  • Jonas KAHN (CR),
  • Léo LEBRAT (PhD student),
  • Valentin DEBARNOT (PhD Student).
  • The PRIMO team works in close collaboration with the IP3D team and members from the IMT (Mathematics Institute of Toulouse).
  • It also has collaborations with the IMB (Mathematics Institute of Bordeaux), the Neurospin project at CEA Saclay, the CBI in Toulouse, TU Berlin and Paris 6 University.

Nos soutiens

  • Université de ToulouseUniversité de Toulouse
  • Plan CancerPlan Cancer
  • Fondation pour la Recherche MédicaleFondation pour la Recherche Médicale

keywords : Mathematics, Inverse problems, Computational imaging, Image analysis, Large scale optimization


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